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Hey, I’m Matt and I’m an award-winning documentary wedding photographer. I’m here to take honest, emotive photos in a relaxed, approachable way, and make sure you guys have the best day imaginable. If there’s one thing that’s always true for weddings, it’s that everyone’s is wonderfully unique. Whether you’re planning a super-stylish London wedding, a relaxed country garden wedding, or a destination wedding adventure, my approach to wedding photography is the same; get stuck in, have some fun and chase those beautifully unscripted moments.

As a documentary wedding photographer, it’s super important to me that you not only get photos that show your wedding, but that show you as people as well. Whatever your story and whatever your plans, my approach to wedding photography is simple: make sure you’re completely relaxed and totally enjoying yourselves, document you and your loved ones in all of your authentic glory, and tell your story in a way that immortalises it for decades to come and makes your grandkids say “Wow! You guys look cool!”. Oh, and to make sure that everyone else is having fun, too.

Being a positive and fun element of your day is really important to me. I’m there to have just as much fun as everyone else. So there won’t be any cheesy photos with me, just my natural documentary style. I’ll just be right in there with you all, having a great time. How could I not? Being a documentary wedding photographer is my job! I still have to pinch myself sometimes.

I’d love to hear what you’ve got in store – so drop me a line and let’s chat! If you want to see some of the amazing wedding stories I’ve been a part of, you can check out some stories below, or head over to the blog to see more.

Also, if you haven’t already, you should check out my amazing Wife, Jess, who is a pretty kick-ass Makeup Artist. Yeah, of course I’m biased, but she really is! Anyway, welcome. Have a click around and enjoy…



and I'm a documentary wedding photographer, based in Whitstable in Kent. I'm also a husband to Jess, who is a kick-ass makeup artist (yeah, I'm biased, but she really is), a sun-worshipper, a very average cyclist and a very above-average consumer of coffee. If you want to see what happens at Ebbage HQ on a day to day basis (plus loads of photos of our cat, Fergus) head over to Instagram and give me a follow.

I get to find and photograph those raw, honest and beautifully unscripted moments of joy between people on a wedding day, and I get to call it my job. For me, there really isn't anything better.

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As a documentary wedding photographer, my aim is a simple one; to tell the story of your wedding day in as cool and creative a way as I can. I spend the whole day seeking out those amazing moments of raw, unscripted emotion between people, because those moments are the ones that make for the best photos. When you look back at your wedding photos, they should transport you back to those moments in time and make you feel something, even if you weren’t there when the photo was being made. You should be able to give your photos to a total stranger, and they should be able to get a real sense of how brilliant your day was.

To create those photos that do exactly that, I am a very ‘active’ part of the day. I’m not the ‘traditional’ person shooting with a big telephoto lens from the other side of the venue, on the basis that ‘no one will know I’m there’. Don’t get me wrong, that’s a perfectly valid approach, but it’s just not for me. I’m right in the mix with you. If your photos are made by someone who is right there when those moments are happening, then anyone looking at them will feel like they were there too. So you’ll know I’m there, and so will your guests. But don’t worry, I’m there having as much fun as everyone else!

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"Matt, your work is like nothing we’ve ever seen before! You managed to capture the most hilarious, crazy moments to the most intimate and romantic ones! We were lost for words when we saw our photo gallery… we just kept crying happy tears because we never imagined we would witness so much emotion and meaning in each and every photo!"


"MATT! These are INCREDIBLE!! They are all so amazing. Literally brought all the memories back for us and you managed to capture so many emotions without anyone even noticing you were taking them! Thank you so so much!"

Marquee Wedding


"You are incredible! You really have just captured the day! Matt, honestly I don’t know how to thank you enough. I just love all of them. Such a fantastic variety from beginning to end. I can literally feel how happy I was, looking at them. As before, you are INCREDIBLE! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! X”


"THESE ARE INCREDIBLE!! They show the perfect mix of joy / love / hilarity / beautiful lighting! Thank you SO much. I’m not a crier but I’ve done quite a bit of welling up, obvs along with lots of laughs! We can’t put into words how perfect they are. Honestly we have had so many comments from bridal party, family and guests about how brilliant, professional and lovely you were. You are worth your weight in gold! Thank you, thank you, thank youuuu!"

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"You've been the perfect fit for us throughout, from our initial chats right through to the moment our friends wouldn't let you leave our wedding!! People always say that it's good not to notice your photographer, and in some moments we didn't. But in others, you were very much present, part of our gang and a real pleasure to be around! We are so grateful to have found you. We honestly don't know how you do it!"

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