Yorkshire Moors

Olivia (Liv) and Bill are ‘outdoorsy’ people to their very bones, so having a Yorkshire Moors Wedding was right up their street. This really was a super-special day that had all the key ingredients you’re looking for as a documentary wedding photographer. Great couple…and I mean GREAT couple. Gorgeous, chilled-out venue. Loads of time to spend with everyone. And best of all, the greatest golden hour I think I’ve ever shot in my life! Yeah, I know I’m prone to over-egging the superlative pudding at times, but this really was a special one. I actually got a bit emotional, standing out there, watching the sun go down, feeling like I was stood on the roof of the world. So damn happy!

Now, I have to admit to being a tad biased here. While there is no denying that Liv and Bill are total and utter beauties inside and out, I have known them a wee while. Bill is my cousin. So it was amazing to spend some time with him in the lead up to the day. He’s also a keen cyclist, so scouting for killer portrait spots around the venue was done on two wheels.

Yorkshire Wedding Photographer

So, let’s talk about that golden hour a bit shall we? Anyone who follows me on Instagram (if you don’t already, you can do that here) knows how much I love a golden hour. When you’re shooting on top of the Yorkshire Moors in May, it’s hard not to get too excited about it. In the days leading up to the wedding, the forecast was making all the right noises. So we’d planned a couple of spots to head to after dinner, but my favourite photos came from a spur-of-the-moment decision.

Now, I should also point out that Liv was 7 months pregnant at this point, so I was very mindful of not pushing things too far, but she was a total trooper. Matt: “Shall we just have a little wander over that hill there?” Liv: “Yeah let’s go!” Moss, uneven ground, hidden holes, nothing was going to get in the way of ‘our Liv’ that day. Because of her and that adventurous spirit both Liv and Bill have, we had the most amazing views and one killer sunset! So for that, and everything else, thank you!

The Huntsman Inn Wedding

The Huntsman Inn played host to Liv & Bill’s wedding, and it did it brilliantly. If you’re looking for an amazing spot for your wedding, you should absolutely check it out. And if you’re looking for a Yorkshire Moors Wedding Photographer, give me a shout. I’m itching to go back and shoot some more killer moments in killer surroundings.

Cheers for now folks. Catch up soon. Until then, check out Liv & Bill’s mega Yorkshire Moors wedding…

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