The Cherry Barn

"Oh. My. F*cking. Jesus! MATT! We can't even begin to tell you how incredible these are! We can't stop looking at them. You are just amazing! We love them and we LOVE you! Thank you so so much!"

There aren’t many better places in Rye or Sussex to get married than The Cherry Barn. It’s the perfect place for any Sussex Wedding Photographer. What a place! What a vibe! It was the perfect setting for Kayleigh & Luke, who absolutely tore the place up! Let me just set the scene for you. There are fun weddings and couples. Then there are mega-fun couples. Sometimes, you get “off the scale” couples. But every now and again, you get a couple like Kayleigh & Luke! Yep, they’re just that damn good.

You won’t have to look through many photos to get an idea of just how much fun this day was. You only have to see how Kayleigh & Luke look at each other to understand how much love was in the room. As a documentary photographer, you’re always using the emotion and the vibe of the day to ‘zone in’ and use it to make cool photos. Somedays that can be hard work, but this wasn’t one of those days.

Sussex Wedding Photographer

The combo of these guys and The Cherry Barn was just perfect. Kayleigh & Luke are so chilled as a couple and the venue really suited them. That’s the goal, right? To create a day that reflects who you are as a couple. Well, job done for these two!

And, I got to share in the joy with Jess, who was there all day too! Even better!! We really did have some killer joint weddings in 2021 and this is right up there with the best ever. If you haven’t already done so, you can check out a bit more about us both here. I’ve got to give some massive shout-out’s to some other suppliers as well. Clare and her team from Touchays were as amazing as ever. The guys from Groovezoo absolutely smashed the dance floor to pieces. I’ve shot a few weddings with these guys now and they never, ever disappoint! They’re my go-to band recommendation to anyone who asks for a reason!

I got to shoot the day alongside the legend that is Dale Rook. This guy is a magician with a camera, so check him out. Kayleigh looked a million dollars all day, thanks to some help from Jess on Make-up, the brilliant Mia on hair and her killer dress from Grace Loves Lace. Plus many, many more. Big love to everyone involved for creating one hell of a day.

We are so very grateful to Kayleigh & Luke for having us along to spend the day with them. This really was a very special one to be a part of and it’s one we won’t ever forget.

That’s more than enough from me, time for some photos. Until next time folks…

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