At-Home Wedding

"These are amazing!!! We looked through them all the other night and I was in tears fairly rapidly haha. We are so very very glad that you were able to join our day because now we'll have your fab work forever. We're so grateful. Thank you!!"

If you’re wondering how to plan and host your Surrey at-home wedding, here’s your template! Ellie & Lewis, with the help of their family and friends, held one of the best Surrey at-home wedding parties I’ve ever seen! Here’s a question for you; have you been to a wedding that kicked the party off with ‘Band-eoke’? I can tell you, it is exactly as fun as it sounds! You pick a song from the book, the band play the backing track, you sing your hearts out! So much fun it’s’ unreal, but only with the lads from Electric Kicks. If you’re still looking for a band to keep your dance floor rocking, get them booked in. You won’t regret it.

So, back to the day itself. After a very chilled start with plenty of laughs, Ellie & Lewis headed over to Ellie’s Aunt’s house in the Surrey countryside to finish their preparations. Their close friends officiated their ceremony, before everyone settled into a super-relaxed drinks reception.

At-Home Wedding

You don’t need me to tell you how beautiful their house and surroundings were, that’s there for all to see. It was the perfect setting for the day Ellie & Lewis wanted. Very chilled out, maximum time with their guests, and one hell of a party.

That’s really the thing that makes a Surrey At-Home Wedding the best option; time. Everyone is in one place all day long, in natural and familiar surroundings, and it’s just so much easier to relax. They’re so much more personal, and the emotion just flows! You’ll see what I mean if you keep scrolling and check out their photos.

Surrey Wedding Photographer

So there you have it, your free template to a guaranteed all-star Surrey at-home wedding. I had the time of my life with these guys, so if you’re planning your own at-home wedding, I’d love to be there with you! They really are my favourite wedding days. If you’re keen to chat about having me along for the ride, get in touch and let’s get the ball rolling. I’d love to hear more about what you’ve got planned. Until then, here are Ellie & Lewis…

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