Kent Wedding Photographer


and their beautiful shin-dig at Katie's family home

"Matt the photos are amazing! Love them!! Thank you so much for being part of our day - it was fab! Thanks so much-you’ve done a fantastic job"

Weddings are all about so many things. Two people making a commitment to one another is a truly special thing. If that couple surround themselves with their closest friends and family, that really adds to the sense of occasion. If those people concentrate on nothing more than having a great time with each other, catching up on what’s been happening and sharing the experience with each other, things can get a bit epic pretty quickly. If you then take all these happy people, who have spent their day enjoying themselves and each other and you introduce a cracking party, that’s it. Job done. Nirvana.

Katie & Tom managed to achieve Nirvana with relative ease. They had an amazing group around them, there was a tonne of emotion all day and the dance floor was packed. Cue happy snapper face! I do think there is something extra special about a wedding hosted at the family home as well. I’m not sure what it is, but the familiarity of the surroundings and the childhood memories that come with it really do help to create a day that hits you right in the feels (look at me getting down with the kidz with my cool lingo)!

Right from the get-go, this was a day all about fun and I knew it would be moments-galore all day long. Katie’s family home of Sandling Park was the perfect backdrop and the grounds gave me that lovely headache of having ‘too many’ portrait spots to choose from. There was just colour and cool light everywhere. Seriously, we could have been out there shooting portraits for days!

Trying to narrow this day down to a ‘blog-able’ amount of photos was a bloody tough job. I spent ages scrolling through their gallery and just smiling myself stupid remembering all the conversations and moments that happened. And just to make things even better for me, I got to hang out with one of my amazing 2018 couples (Emma & Neil) and two of my 2020 couples. Kate & Marshy and Hollie & Richard – we’re gonna have to raise the roof to beat this one! I’m game if you are 🙂

Katie & Tom – I can’t thank you enough for letting me be a part of your day. I think you can tell that I had an absolute blast with you all. You guys rock!

So, without further ado, I give you the new Mr & Mrs Hall…

Supplier Shout-Out’s: Dress: Teokath Hair & Make-Up Team: Nina Gregory & Holly Kathleen Florist: Lucy from Wild Bloom Marquee: Maypole Marquees Catering: Stella Grive Band: Lost Boys ———— You can also check out ————

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