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Salomons Estate

"Thank you so much for being our photographer, you were brilliant! We absolutely love the photos and each time we look through them we remember them even more and enjoy them even more. Not only did you create such great photos, you were such a good support on the day, helping me through the nerves and stress, AND you looked after the precious converse! Thank you. We loved the fact that you stayed for the whole day - I've never seen a photographer do that, it's amazing! Thank you again"

Vic + Steve

Can we just agree from the outset that a Salomons Estate wedding is going to be a kick-ass wedding? Yes? Good, because Vic & Steve’s wedding at Salomons Estate back in May was just that; kick-ass! Two wonderful people determined to enjoy every last drop of their day, surrounded by friends and family equally determined to do the same. The true definition of what a wedding is supposed to be about. Like I said, kick-ass.

There were so many moments throughout this day that just reminded me why I love my job so much. Weddings are all about moments for me, not just the ‘key’ moments like the first kiss and cutting the cake. It’s all those little moments that happen around the ‘big’ stuff that make the day extra special, and Vic and Steve’s wedding had a tonne of them.

Salomons Estate Wedding

I often get asked what my favourite part of the day is, and the honest answer is ‘all of it’. But, there are a few moments that stand out from this one that have to rank as favourites for me. Vic walking down the aisle and seeing Steve for the first time was one of them. Nerves on the morning of your wedding are totally normal, but you could almost feel the nerves and tension lift off Vic’s shoulders as soon as she turned the corner at the bottom of the church and saw her soon-to-be Husband. From that moment on, it was all smiles and laughing.

That was just one of so many amazing moments throughout this Salomons Estate wedding; Vic opening her custom Converse shoes just before she left for the church. The two work colleagues both dressed in yellow, who didn’t leave each other’s side all day. The boys rocking the dance floor with their ties around their heads (standard wedding lads, right?), and plenty more. But you don’t need me to tell you about them, you can see them all below.

Kent Wedding Photographer

So, if you’re planning a Salomons Estate wedding and you haven’t already guessed it, I’d love to be involved. Give me a shout and lets chat. That is one cracking venue and is somewhere I can’t wait to go back to. If you’re keen to see who else contributed to making this day a banger, there are some supplier shout-out’s below to help you out.

Vic & Steve – thank you so much for letting me be a part of your day. I had a blast with you all and I’m so glad you love your photos as much as I loved making them. Below are my favourites from one epic day. If you want to see what else I’ve been up to, you can check out more amazing weddings on the blog.

Some supplier shout-out’s for you:

Venue – Salomons Estate // Florist – Jo Wilkinson // Band – Park Life // Hair & Make-Up – Natasha Quinton // Dress – Isabella Grace

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