Odo's Barn

"MATT! These are unreal!! Thank you so much! They really are amazing, we're both so happy! Thank you so much!"

So, there’s a few different ways to have your Odo’s Barn wedding. You can keep it chilled in beautifully relaxed surroundings, which is lovely. You can hit the accelerator pedal a bit and turn it up to 9, which is pretty cool. Or, you can turn it straight up to 11, pull the knob off, throw it into the pond and jam-pack it full of epic moments, which is exactly what April & Matt did! They cranked it so high I think we’re all still bouncing off the rev limiter months down the line.

Odo’s Barn Wedding

Right from the get-go, I knew this was going to be a special one. Alice & Matt are one of those couples you look at and go “yep, they’re just meant to be!” So being a part of their wedding was super-special. I’ve known Matt’s Sister Alice for a while now. She and her Husband Luke are the owners of the amazing Garage Coffee in Kent, and their various cafe’s have been regular stops for me (usually on bike rides).

Now then, these beauties got married on the first weekend of August. Did the weather reflect mid-summer glory? No, no it did not! The vast majority of the day was wet and windy. Way more like October than August. But did April & Matt let this get in the way of their celebration? Well, I’ll let you decide that when you keep scrolling and check out the photos. A bit of weather adds character anyway. And, we did luck out and get literally 30s of golden hour as we were walking back from shooting some evening portraits. Plus, if you’re going to hit your guests with a big surprise of singing waiters (massive shout out to Silver Service Singers – you guys were amazing!) then people will quickly forget about the rain! AND then bring Groovezoo along to smash the dancefloor! If you’re still looking for a wedding band, get them booked. NOW!

Kent Wedding Photographer

So there we have it. April & Matt’s truly epic Odo’s Barn wedding, wrapped up in a tight little bow. If you’re planning your own Odo’s Barn wedding and you’re keen to explore having me there with you, get in touch and let’s get the ball rolling. Peak dates tend to get booked out pretty quickly so don’t hold back. I’d love to hear more about your plans.

A quick word for the awesome team at Odo’s Barn as well. Spending the day there is always a pleasure and they make everything SO easy for everyone, guests and suppliers alike. I’m always so excited to head back there. So if you are planning your own Odo’s Barn wedding, you’ve already made a brilliant choice! Cheers folks!

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