Nettlestead Place Wedding


Nettlestead Place

"Thanks so much for these Matt. We had a look straight away and loved them! We feel really lucky to have had you there on the day with us"

You only have see how Julia & Phil looked at each other all day at their Nettlestead Place wedding to understand just how special this day was! This was an emotion-filled fun-fest to end all emotion-filled fun-fest’s! Coronavirus has impacted so many weddings now but, despite there were a lot less faces than originally planned, you wouldn’t have known covid was even a thing with these guys around. Nothing was going to stop them having the most amazing day and they certainly didn’t hold anything back.

Also, these guys brought their puppy along for the day. Now, you know I’ve told you this before, but weddings with dogs/pets are just better. They just are!

Nettlestead Place Wedding

A Nettlestead Place wedding has been on my ‘Jeez I can’t wait to shoot there’ list for a while now, so I was itching for this day to come around. It really is a beautiful setting for a wedding that’s for sure. I can’t wait to go back again soon. If you’re in the market for a wedding venue, be sure to go and check them out here.

I’m so damn grateful to Julia & Phil for having me along for the ride. The way they embraced the day, given the challenges they faced in making it happen, and the way they just let the emotions flow was truly brilliant and it certainly made for some epic photos. Huge thanks to them and all their family and friends for making this day one for the hall-of-fame. Big thanks and love must also go to the wonderful folks at Nettlestead Place, who were amazing on the day and made everything so easy for everyone.

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If you want to check out some more awesome stories, head over to the blog. But before you do that, keep scrolling and check out this amazing Nettlestead Place wedding story. Like I said, this one goes in the hall of fame! Big love Julia & Phil. I said it on the day and I’ll say it again; you guys are amazing.

Here they are Ladies and Gents…

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