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Some amazing moments
Some unforgettable memories

Man, 2023 was a banger. So many amazing memories. But one of the best things about 2023 was this; it was calm. After the chaos and manic post-covid years, it was so good to throttle back a bit and get back into a good rhythm of weddings and time off. I got to be a part of some truly special and memorable days and I’m super grateful to all my couples for trusting me to be there and get the job done for them.

So, as I mentioned, 2023 was all about slowing down, being a bit more intentional with my shutter pressing, and not worrying too much about making really complicated photos. I’m still massively inspired by street photography, but the joy for me last year was all about being really in the moment, with my couples, and making the most emotional and immersive photos I could. So, this isn’t a ‘Best of’ collection in the traditional sense. This is my top 100 photos that mean the most to me from last year. Some are complicated, street-inspired photos, and some are beautiful in their simplicity. But they all mean something to me and give me great memories of the year I had with my cameras and the days I got to share.

Documentary Wedding Photography

It’s impossible to talk about memories and experiences without talking about how I got to round out my 2023. I was a bright, shining star in my calendar for the whole year! Canada has always been in my top 3 bucket list destinations, so getting on that flight and heading out to Toronto to share the most incredible day with Amy & Sean was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me. I’ve talked before about having ‘out-of-body’ experiences while I’m shooting and that day was full of them. I’ll be forever grateful for that one!

As special as that trip was, 2023 was peppered full of amazing days and experiences for me, and looking through this collection really brings back some very special memories. There were plenty of hugs and loads of laughs last year, and I got to work with some equally amazing suppliers and colleagues along the way as well, who all added to the joy.

So here they are, in no particular order, my top 100 favourites from an amazing year with my cameras…

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