Marleybrook House Wedding



“We love them so much! They are everything we wanted and more. That slideshow just brought it all back. Luke had a little cry at it bless him! You captured everything so perfectly! We couldn’t have asked for a better photographer. Thank you so much!”

Whenever I get to spend a day at Marleybrook House I’m a happy boy. It’s one of those places that just seems to attract cool couples. So, whenever I get to spend a day shooting a cool couple in a cool place…happy boy! As soon as Claudia and Luke got in touch and told me about their wedding plans, I was excited. Not just about the fact that Marleybrook House would play the role of host, it was the fact that Claudia and Luke were planning a day full of their own touches. It was obvious right from the outset, this was going to be a cracker!

Marleybrook House Wedding

This one had it all. A designer dress from Riki Dalal and a pair of sparkly Manolo’s for the Bride, a classic Mustang for the lads, a ‘petting the Alpaca’s’ section, the good old Marleybrook fairground, a rocking dance floor and a tonne of emotion. Seriously, that much awesomeness in one day is everything a documentary photographer could dream of. Not only did we have all that, we were also blessed with a beautiful ‘golden hour’ for some super-cool portraits. Needless to say, narrowing this collection down was a tough ask. There were so many moments throughout the day I was constantly snapping away. I was also super-stoked to win an award for one of the photos below from the fine folks at the Wedding Photojournalists Association.

Documentary Wedding Photographer

Claudia and Luke; huge thanks to you both for having me along for the day. Your wedding was honestly one of my favourites of 2018 and I’m so grateful to have been a part of it. Big thanks to your family and friends as well, who really did help to make this one cracking day.

So, here are my favourite photos from one epic day. Thanks for checking in. Until next time…

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