Marleybrook House Wedding


Marleybrook House

"Oh Matt!!! They are insane!!! We did exactly what you said (after the kids went to bed) and cracked open some wedding fizz and relived our day. They are amazing. THANK YOU! Thank you both soooooo much. It's been a bright light in a busy few weeks and you captured our dream perfectly!"

A Marleybrook House wedding is unlike any other wedding. I mean, a wedding day is a pretty epic affair on it’s own, right? But when you throw a full-on funfair into the mix, that just turns it right up to 11! If you’ve not been to Marleybrook House before, let me give you the run down. Beautiful old thatched house in the Kent countryside, surrounded by orchards. The grounds have loads of character, with some big willow trees over the pond and plenty of space for your guests to run free. Oh, and there is a funfair! Yeah, I know I said that already, but it’s a wedding venue with a freaking funfair! Who wouldn’t want that for their reception?!

Justine & Myles just fitted the mould for this venue perfectly. If you’re looking to just cut loose and party your arses off all day long, Marleybrook House is the venue for you. The team run a brilliant day and just keep things so relaxed. Big shout out to Tanith – she’s a rock star when it comes to keeping things moving, but making sure everyone has time to enjoy the day. If you’re planning a Marleybrook House wedding, give Tanith a call.

Marleybrook House Wedding

Let me tell you a bit about Justine & Myles. Justine and I worked together for a few months back in a past life. I was actually her manager for a while. She was always bit of a live wire and life with her was always entertaining. So when she got in touch to tell me she was engaged and she wanted Jess and I to be right there with her, I knew this wedding would be one hell of a party. I have to say, Myles is the perfect dude for her. I’m not sure I’ve ever met someone so calm, which is the perfect foil for Justine, who generally lives life bouncing off the rev limiter 🙂

I’m going to be honest with you. I could spend all day telling you about this wedding and how damn cool it was, but I don’t have the words to do it justice. I think the photos will do all the talking necessary, so let’s get to them shall we? Justine & Myles – thank you so much for having Jess and I. We had so much fun with you all and we’re so glad you love your photos as much as we loved making them.

Kent Wedding Photographer

I’ll leave you with my personal highlight from the day; shooting ‘portraits’ from a dodgem car, driven my Curtis, one of our Groom’s from last year, while Myles & Justine aimed their dodgem right at us! That was a first, and I’m itching to do it again! If you’re reading this and planning a Marleybrook House wedding, let’s chat. I need some more dodgem time in my life 🙂

Enough chat, time for photos. Justine & Myles everyone…

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