Winter London Wedding at The Surprise and The Phene


The Surprise + The Phene

"Matt these are AMAZING!!! Oh my God you absolute hero. You're a star! Thank you thank you thank you!"

Who doesn’t love a good winter London wedding? Well, I definitely do. Especially when it’s with two people as amazing as Tash & Guz! A brilliant couple, surrounded by more brilliant people, having a blast. I’ve shot at The Phene before, so it was awesome to be back. But, it was my first time at The Surprise. What an awesome place!

Every London wedding has an emotional undertone, but this one was next-level. So, here’s the story…

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Tash & Guz got married on Friday December 30th. Guz is in the forces, as you’ll see from the photos if you keep scrolling. On Sunday 1st Jan, Guz deployed to places ‘hot and sandy’ for 6 months! Yep! Just 48hrs after their wedding, Tash had to drop Guz at the airport. See what I mean? That made for one hell of an emotional day.

I knew the moment I first met these two, they were my kinda folks! Super-easy going, lovely people who just wanted to spend their day laughing and partying with their mates. Isn’t that exactly what a wedding should be? Time with everyone you’ve asked to be there. Simple as that.

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Massive love to Tash & Guz for having me and letting me be a part of this amazing day. These guys raised the winter London wedding bar to crazy high levels and it was a pleasure to be there and witness it. If you’re not planning on a drunken prance down the street between pubs, wielding a ceremonial sword, it’s time to amend the plan! Absolute scenes.

If you’re keen to chat to me about being a part of your London wedding, get in touch and let’s chat! I’d love to hear more about your plans. But before you do that, enjoy a scroll through the awesome story of Tash & Guz…

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