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"THESE ARE INCREDIBLE!! They show the perfect mix of joy / love / hilarity / beautiful lighting! Thank you SO much. I’m not a crier but I’ve done quite a bit of welling up, obvs along with lots of laughs! We can’t put into words how perfect they are. Honestly we have had so many comments from bridal party, family and guests about how brilliant, professional and lovely you guys were. You are worth your weight in gold! Thank you , thank you, thank youuuu!"

Jesus College Cambridge

As someone who studied in Cambridge, if you’d told me then that I’d be back a few years later to shoot a Jesus College Cambridge wedding, I wouldn’t have believed you! I bloody love being a Cambridge wedding photographer! And this wedding was one hell of a way for Jess and I to round out our ‘Joint Package‘ year. Sarah & Jake got in touch with us off the back of Louise & Jim’s Cambridge wedding back in 2018. As soon as we had a chat and heard their plans, we were super-excited for the day to come.

These guys were just a dream to work with; super-chilled, totally trusting of us and determined to wring every last drop of awesome out of their day at Jesus College Cambridge. You’ll see from the photos below that they successfully achieved that! Sarah was surrounded by a top team of Bridesmaids who were looked after all morning by Jess, Lauren and Gemma. Gemma was one of Louise’s Bridesmaids and recommended Jess and I to Sarah, so big thanks and love to you Gemma!

Jesus College Wedding

Jesus College Cambridge is an amazing backdrop for a wedding. When I was a Cambridge resident, I would regularly wander around town marvelling at the architecture. I still do now whenever we go back for a visit. The colleges that make up Cambridge University are amazing and the idea of shooting a wedding in one was right up there on my bucket list as soon as I got into shooting weddings. We met Sarah & Jake a few weeks before their wedding and had a wander around the college and just driving through the gates got me all excited and ‘goosebumpy’! I just knew that, no matter what the weather, we were going to make super-cool photos with them.

The weather gods were on our side when the day rolled around. The constant downpours all morning cleared right on time for Sarah to walk to the chapel and we got an amazing (freezing cold, but amazing) golden hour to make some awesome portraits in. Thank you universe! I think my favourite memory from the day is Sarah and her Bridesmaids walking to the chapel. The rain was still falling but the sun came blasting through the clouds and the girls ripped into the chorus of It’s Raining Men. I don’t think the security guard could believe his eyes! That scene made one of my favourite photos of the year! You’ll spot it straight away below, so go have a scroll.

Cambridge Wedding Photographer

Okay, that’s more than enough from me. Sarah & Jake – you guys are amazing! Thank you so much for letting Jess and I be a part of your day. It was right up there with our favourites! I must also give a couple of big shout out’s. First one goes to Mark from White In Motion Films. Dude, you were awesome to work with. Thank you for being super-unobtrusive on the day and for the top banter. Second, but by no means least, is to Julia from What The Fleur. Can we just stop for a sec and appreciate how freaking amazing Sarah’s bouquet was?! Seriously, that was a work of art! If you’re after a florist, get her booked!

So, if you’re planning your Jesus College Cambridge wedding and you’re a fan of the photos below, get in touch and let’s chat. I’m itching to exercise my Cambridge Wedding Photographer muscles again! You can keep up to date with my latest work by giving me a follow on Instagram. Cheers for now all. Here are my fave’s from Sarah & Jake’s epic day…

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