Hackney Town Hall

"Matt, these are AMAZING!! We can't stop smiling! Thank you again for capturing our special day for us so beautifully. I’m sure I said it to you already but everyone thought you were great and our families thought you were our good friend who happens to be a photographer ? The energy that you bring is super and one of a kind. Thank you so much!"

Can we all just agree that a Hackney Town Hall wedding and dinner at Frederick’s is probably the perfect combo for a London wedding? Yes? Good, thank you. The only thing that made it even better was the presence of Kamila & Tobi for an afternoon last year. These are two of the most genuinely lovely and beautiful people I’ve ever met! And their wedding, which was beautiful in its simplicity, reflected them perfectly. So relaxed, welcoming and open. It was brilliant to just spend time with these guys and get to know them better. You know those people who you spend 5 minutes with and you want to be best friends with them for the rest of your lives? Kamila and Tobi are those people! I can only imagine how sad I looked on the train home because it was all over.

Hackney Town Hall

After having their closest friends and family to their flat for some pre-wedding drinks and nibbles, we all walked down to the Town Hall for their ceremony, complete with the obligatory live stream for those further afield. Once done, we all stepped out into a lovely September afternoon and just hung out on the Town Hall steps for a while and chatted before heading over to Frederick’s for some drinks and a meal. Like I said, super chilled out. My favourite!

London Wedding Photographer

If you’re looking for a great place for a wedding reception, or even just a meal out, I cannot recommend Frederick’s highly enough. The food was amazing, the wine was beautiful and the staff could not do enough for you. It really was the perfect spot.

Okay, enough waffle from me, time for some photos. I really can’t thank Kamila (who was rocking her Needle & Thread all day) and Tobi enough for having me. You guys are absolute beauties and and I had the best afternoon with you all. Seriously guys, thank you.

If you’re keen to have me along to shoot your day, get in touch and let’s get the ball rolling. I’d love to hear more about your plans.

Cheers folks.

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