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Hey, I’m Matt, and I’m a Documentary Wedding Photographer. It’s awesome to meet you. How’s it going? So, if you’re here, you want to know a bit about me, right? Well, if you ask my Wife Jess, (I hope) she’d say I’m the perfect partner for everything from binging Netflix on the sofa to a swanky spa weekend (seriously, why don’t we spend more time in cotton dressing gowns and slippers? heaven!) If you asked our Cat, Fergus, he’d probably just say ‘oh that guy, you mean the one that feeds me?!’ And if you ask my couples, they’d tell you I’m their new mate who made the whole ‘being photographed’ bit of their wedding day feel fun and effortless. Check out more of what my couples have said over here.

When I’m not shooting weddings or shackled to my editing screen, you’ll find me out on my bike with my mates, drinking copious cappuccino’s across Kent. If not, I’m out on a mini adventure with Jess (who is a kick-ass Hair & Makeup Artist by the way) probably doing something very similar. Coffee and cake is a pretty regular feature at Ebbage HQ! I’ll probably squeeze in a game or two of cricket every summer as well. I was half-decent in a past life, but my aching shoulder and lack of runs or wickets remind me that was a long time ago now!

Are you the one for us?

I’m really not exaggerating when I say I absolutely love what I do. As a documentary wedding photographer, I get to spend my days telling amazing wedding day stories with some equally amazing people and call it work! I shoot my weddings in a relaxed, natural and unobtrusive way, and I’m always on the lookout for those really amazing raw, honest moments of true emotion and connection. I’m not much of a traditionalist when it comes to shooting a wedding. So, if you’re after someone who turns up, bosses everyone around for a bit and shoots a tonne of photos on a massive telephoto lens from the other side of the venue on the basis that “you won’t know you’re being photographed” then I’m probably not for you.

But, if you’re looking for someone who will make you feel totally at-ease and excited, gets right in the mix with you, makes sure that the majority of your day is spent with everyone else you’ve asked to be there (not away somewhere shooting endless group photos), has a laugh with everyone and gives you a set of photos that make you cry all the happy tears and bring back all the emotions of the day, then game on! I’m also super lucky that I get to travel the world with my cameras and tell some amazing destination wedding stories. Literally living the dream over here!

Let’s get chatting!

If that sounds like a win to you and you’re keen to chat more about having me along to spend the day with you, get in touch and let’s get the ball rolling. I exclusively shoot 30 weddings a year, because I want to make sure I’m fresh and raring to go for every couple I work with, and I’m lucky to receive a lot of enquiries every year, so peak dates tend to go quite fast. If you haven’t already seen it yet, you can view all my pricing and package information here. If you want to get more of a feel for my work, you can check out my portfolio and read more about my approach to being a documentary wedding photographer.

Shall we have some fun and make some memories together?


Did you know we work together as well?

Come and have a read about something truly unique within the industry…

I’m also super-lucky to spend a good portion of my time working with Jess. As mentioned above, my Wife is a pretty damn good Make-Up Artist, and we offer a separate service that includes the pair of us, all day! Yep, you didn’t mis-read that. It is a truly unique setup and one we’re really proud of. So, if your curiosity is peaking, have a read about what we do and feel free to get in touch with any questions.

We’re available for weddings all over the UK and beyond. So, if you’d like to have a chat about having us along to your day, please do get in touch. I’m also a big fan of ‘social surfing’, so you can find me on Instagram or Facebook


\"Matt, your work is like nothing we’ve ever seen before! You managed to capture the most hilarious, crazy moments to the most intimate and romantic ones! We were lost for words when we saw our photo gallery… we just kept crying happy tears because we never imagined we would witness so much emotion and meaning in each and every photo!\"


\"MATT! These are INCREDIBLE!! They are all so amazing. Literally brought all the memories back for us and you managed to capture so many emotions without anyone even noticing you were taking them! Thank you so so much!\"

Marquee Wedding


\"You are incredible! You really have just captured the day! Matt, honestly I don’t know how to thank you enough. I just love all of them. Such a fantastic variety from beginning to end. I can literally feel how happy I was, looking at them. As before, you are INCREDIBLE! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! X”


\"THESE ARE INCREDIBLE!! They show the perfect mix of joy / love / hilarity / beautiful lighting! Thank you SO much. I’m not a crier but I’ve done quite a bit of welling up, obvs along with lots of laughs! We can’t put into words how perfect they are. Honestly we have had so many comments from bridal party, family and guests about how brilliant, professional and lovely you were. You are worth your weight in gold! Thank you, thank you, thank youuuu!\"

Suffolk Wedding Photographer


\"You've been the perfect fit for us throughout, from our initial chats right through to the moment our friends wouldn't let you leave our wedding!! People always say that it's good not to notice your photographer, and in some moments we didn't. But in others, you were very much present, part of our gang and a real pleasure to be around! We are so grateful to have found you. We honestly don't know how you do it!\"

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