Destination Wedding Photographer

Being a destination wedding photographer is something I dreamed of since I shot my first wedding almost a decade ago. Getting married is a huge deal wherever you do it. But I think there is something almost magical about travelling to a different country with your nearest and dearest to tie the knot. You become completely immersed in the whole experience. The culture. The food. The scenery. The fact that your loved ones have travelled to be there with you.

As a documentary photographer, I really love ‘tuning in’ to the emotion of the day and using it to help me hunt down all those beautiful moments. Emotion really does tell the story brilliantly. And, when you’ve got a day where everyone is waist-deep in emotion and immersed in every second, that job is simply the best job in the world! Period! Perhaps it’s just me, but if you’ve booked a destination wedding, it’s almost guaranteed to give you a tonne of emotion!

Destination Wedding Photographer

How does this work?

I always travel 2 days before a destination wedding for a few reasons. First and foremost, it allows for any travel disruptions. Secondly, it also gives me a chance to scout the venue and surrounding areas. I also get some time to meet you and your families and get to know you better, which is an important one for me.

A pre-wedding shoot is also included, which is usually a portrait session for you both. However, you can swerve that if you want to and I can document your guests arriving at the venue.

Our joint package also travels, so have a read about that if you’ve not found it already. If you didn’t already know, my Wife is a pretty damn good Make-Up Artist (hell yes I’m biased, but she really is!). We offer a collaborative package that includes the pair of us, all day! No, you’ve not mis-read that. You can check out more about our joint package and see more of Jess’ work if your curiosity is peaking.

Get In Touch

As a destination wedding photographer, I shoot a limited number per year and peak dates tend to get booked out pretty quickly. So, if you’re interested in me telling your story, let’s chat! If you’d like to see more of my work, learn a bit more about how I approach a wedding or fire any questions at me, just get in touch and request a brochure. You can also get social and follow my latest work on Instagram and Facebook. If you’d like to see more of Tayla & Curtis‘ beauty of a day in Spain, head on over to the blog.

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