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"It takes a special kind of person to make people feel the way you made us feel on our wedding day. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm sure I'll be saying it again and probably until the end of time, but what you gave us in terms of time and experience is something we will treasure forever!"

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It will come as no surprise to you, life as a Cornwall wedding photographer is a pretty good one! I mean, is there a more beautiful part of the UK? I certainly don’t think so. I’m really lucky to travel far and wide and shoot some incredible stories across the world, but Cornwall is always the place that ‘grounds’ me. You know what I mean? Sitting on the beach, or on a bench on one of the many clifftop walks, watching the ocean rolling in, with a coffee in hand. Nothing beats that for some time out and reflection.

Wedding Day Storytelling

I don’t think there are many better places to get married than Cornwall. Let’s face it, if you can spend an epic day partying your backsides off with your nearest and dearest somewhere like The Eden Project or Launcells Barton, that’s pretty awesome, right?

You’ve probably already figured that I’m not much of a traditionalist when it comes to shooting a wedding. Your wedding has a beautiful narrative running through it, and I use all the emotion that comes with the day to tell the story. Put simply, I make photos that make you feel something! And that’s not just you. I want you to show your photos to new friends in 10+ years time, and even they feel like they were right there with you. If that sounds good to you, have a bit more of a read about my approach to shooting a wedding.

Cornwall Wedding Photographer

Your wedding is going to be an incredible story, made up of some truly epic and emotional moments. So, if you’re keen to chat to me about being a part of that story, get in touch and let’s get the ball rolling. I book a limited number of weddings every year and peak dates tend to get booked up pretty quickly. I’d love to hear more about what you’ve got planned.


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Now, here’s the truth; I’d love to come and spend the day with you and shoot your wedding, but honestly, you don’t just want me! If you’ve not already seen, Jess (my Wife) is a pretty incredible makeup artist! Yep! But, that’s not all she’s good at. We’ve teamed up to create something that is truly unique within the wedding industry. Sounds interesting, right? Well, hit the link below and check it out…

MATT! We LOVE the photos! We just haven't stopped looking at them. We are absolutely obsessed and the feedback from everyone who has seen them has been incredible. Everyone keeps telling us how talented you are! They are all amazing and tell such a great story of the day. Thank you so much!\"


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