Chelsea Town Hall + The Elgin Maida Vale

"We have officially made our way through the whole gallery (on repeat...). We honestly cannot thank you enough. The photos are absolutely amazing and bring back allllllll of the feels from the day!! We are amazed at how it all turned out and how you managed to capture the complete essence of the day. Everyone looks SO happy! What a blast it was. You are extremely talented at what you do! Thank you again, these photos are so special!"

Okay, so let’s just all agree now that Julie & Ryan’s Chelsea Town Hall wedding is probably one of the coolest London weddings of all time, shall we?! What absolute rock stars! I actually first met Julie at Michelle & Christian’s Burgh House wedding (check that out here) last year, so it was amazing to see some familiar faces and spend the day hanging out and having fun.

The biggest thing for Julie & Ryan was having time to hang out with everyone, and not spend ages away from them. Music to my ears! So, with this in mind, we nailed the timeline before the day arrived, and made sure that was the sole priority. If you’re reading this and are keen to achieve something similar for your London wedding, here’s what I’d recommend…

Chelsea Town Hall Wedding

Put some time aside to shoot a bunch of portraits before the ceremony. Both Julie and Michelle did this and it has multiple benefits. You guys get to see each other before the aisle, which massively de-pressurises that moment, without making it any less emotional. It also means that, when you come out of the ceremony, you can just go and hang out with everyone, because you have so much more time. Yes, I only spend around 10 minutes shooting portraits anyway, but that’s just more time you’ve got to spend with everyone. And, let’s face it, all everyone wants to do is dive in and give you a hug and wish you congrats, and that’s killer photos! Trust me, it makes so much sense!

London Wedding Photographer

Now, enough hints & tips, let’s talk about Julie & Ryan and how amazing their Chelsea Town Hall wedding was. It was…amazing! SO chilled out, nothing but time with everyone (as we’ve mentioned), surrounded by amazing people who wanted nothing more than to have the best time. What’s not to love?! Massive shout out to both The Clermont Victoria for being an amazing place to spend some time while Julie and her family got ready for the main event, and The Elgin Maida Vale for being the best reception and party spot for the evening! I can’t wait to come back sometime soon!

So, there you have it, one incredible day with loads of awesome people. Wanna see some more? Keep scrolling! BUT, if you’re here because you’re looking for your London wedding photographer and you’re keen to chat to me about maybe being that person for you, get in touch and let’s get the ball rolling.

Here you go brilliant people, Julie & Ryan…

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