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At-Home Wedding
Edgbaston, Birmingham

"They are amazing! Oh my word, just fantastic! Thank you so much for these, and for being at our wedding. You were just wonderful and fitted in so well. I keep looking at them and finding little nuggets that I hadn’t noticed at the time or at first looking at the photos - Rory on the digger in the hall, his sweeping brush when we went outside, Alice looking like a street urchin by the time we got to the family photos (but so her!), the cheese! And the picture of Mum and Ben’s hands is very special. They’re a wonderful memento of a really lovely day and you’ve captured the mood perfectly."

As soon as Amy and Lee got in touch and asked me to be their Birmingham wedding photographer, I was mega-excited. Edgbaston has only ever meant one thing to me: cricket! But after this cracker of a day back in June, it now means a whole heap more. One of the things I love most about this ‘job’ is that it takes me all round the country to see brand new places.

I’ve said a few times now that I feel an at-home wedding feels much more personal and emotional in some ways, and this one was no different. In fact, this day was the perfect demonstration of my point.

Birmingham Wedding Photographer

Amy and Lee were originally planning to get married back in 2018 but, after Amy’s Dad fell ill and sadly passed, they decided to postpone the wedding to this year. Naturally, this turned the emotion up a few notches, especially given that the wedding reception was being hosted at Amy’s family home.

Fun fact: the family home was used in the first season of Line of Duty. Any eagle-eyed viewers amongst you who can figure out which episode it was in, get in touch and I’ll tell you if you’re right 🙂

This was just the most beautiful day from start to finish. Great families, a brilliant venue and a super-chilled vibe. Just what I like. Amy and Lee were supported by a stellar cast of family and friends to make this day happen and everyone had a brilliant day.

Huge thanks to Amy and Lee for having me along for the ride. I had a blast with you all and loved making this set of photos for you. I should also shout-out some awesome suppliers who all helped make this day the epic, colourful extravaganza it was: Good Intents Marquee Hire, Ava Event Styling, Celebration Caterers, Suzannah. Also, a massive shout-out to the amazing Julie, who came out of retirement to run the day for Amy & Lee. What an absolute rock star she is!

Just look how happy these guys are! If you’re planning to have an at-home wedding or are on the hunt for a Birmingham Wedding Photographer, get in touch and lets get the ball rolling. I’d love to hear more about your plans for the day.

Cheers all…