"Thank you so much Matt! You absolutely made our day. You're an amazing guy and were so much more than our photographer, you were a central part of our day! In taking photos you were barely noticeable, in making sure the day went smoothly, you were integral. Honestly we can't express enough gratitude! Thank you!"


How is it time for another ‘best wedding photography’ of 2022 post already?! 2022 was, in so many ways, epic! Some of the weddings in this post are over a year ago now, but the memories are still so fresh in my mind. So, when I started putting together my favourites for this best wedding photography of 2022 feature, I decided to do things a little differently than previous years.

In years gone by, I’ve been drawn to the more complicated, layered photos, honestly as a bit of a ‘hey, look what I made’ kinda statement. I love making those photos and there are plenty in this post as well, but this one is much more about the memories that each photo brings back. The emotions I can remember feeling when I was in those moments. Looking back through a whole years worth of work brought back so many amazing memories, hence the title ‘Reflections’.

Best Wedding Photography of 2022

2022 was the busiest year I’ve ever had, thanks in no small part to the pandemic. After a year like 2020, being busy was a joy. It felt like a privilege to be working again and to be a part of so many incredible wedding days. There was just so much joy to be found in each one. We were back! Hugs were back! Parties were back! It felt like everyone involved was able to finally shake off the fear and fatigue of the last two years and just go nuts and fully embrace the day ahead of them. Being a part of that was the best feeling. I can’t even begin to tell you how good it was. It was also amazing to be back travelling, with frequent trips to Italy for Amy & Lewis, Sara & Joe and Alisha & Katrina, and one to Ireland for Fen & Rory. Plenty of Avios points racked up 🙂

So here we are, about to launch head first into another amazing year doing this crazy fun job. Reflecting on the crazy year just gone has been invaluable. It’s reminded me why I love doing what I do. But it’s also taught me about balance. As I said, after the last couple of years, it felt amazing to be back at full flow again, but 2022 reminded me that it’s so easy to push too hard, and risk compromising yourself in the process.

Documentary Wedding Photographer

I shot 50% more than my maximum number of weddings last year, and that meant people had to wait longer than they ever have for their final gallery. To all my incredible couples, who waited patiently, didn’t chase me, knew what I was up against and trusted that the wait would be worth it, I owe you all so many massive hugs!! Thank you to you all. I received so many messages of support, encouragement and love last year from every corner of my life, and I’m so grateful for them all!

It was also the year I dipped my toe back into the awards scene, with some lovely awards from the fine folks at The Wedding Photojournalists Association and This is Reportage.

Now then, that’s more than enough ramble from me. Here’s to all you brilliant people who trusted me to document your day and gave me the freedom to do so. Here’s to another year of amazing experiences and beautiful people. Here is my best wedding photography of 2022.

Big love everyone. x

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