Best Kent & London Wedding Photography 2019

"This one is all about those moments. Unposed, spontaneous and amazing! The stuff you just can't stage, and the stuff that really tells the story."

Best Wedding Photography 2019

Wait, its “Best Wedding Photography 2019” time already?! Where the hell did that come from? 2019 you were an absolute babe!! I’ll be honest with you, I don’t really know where to start. I’m not sure I have the words to describe just how unbelievable a year it was, but here goes. Get your taste buds prepped for a superlative-laden ramble!

I’ve really loved having a couple of months off this winter to reflect back on the year and remember all those amazing moments and epic weddings I got to be a part of. There were way too many to start listing them out, so hopefully the photos below will do them justice. I think I started putting this set together just after all the Christmas decs came down and I’ve been tweaking and tinkering ever since! Much like my other love, cycling…it never gets any easier 🙂

Moments In Between

2019 was another big learning year for me in many ways, but there was one big moment of realisation that hit me like a truck when I reflected back. I got way too caught up in trying to define myself as a photographer. Honestly there are a tonne of different boxes we can fit into as wedding photographers; documentary, reportage, fine art, natural, photojournalist, traditional…the list goes on. But I realised that, really, none of that matters! What’s really important is how my couples feel on their day and that they enjoy sharing their day with me. I want them to understand how I make my photos and I want them to be over the moon when they receive theirs. That’s what’s important to me. The truth is, that means everything to me!

I called this ‘moments in between’ because that was my goal for 2019. To spend more time seeking out those fleeting moments of gold that come and go in a heartbeat, but make such amazing, emotional photos. 2019 gave me weddings full of them and couples who wanted me to spend my time finding them, so I properly lucked-out there! It is also why, for this year at least, I’ve not included any ‘portraits’ in the set. This one is all about those moments. Unposed, spontaneous and amazing! The stuff you just can’t stage, and the stuff that really tells the story. I can’t wait to carry this into the new decade and get stuck into finding new and exciting ways of documenting them.

Kent & London Wedding Photographer

I am a very active member of every wedding, that’s just the way I shoot. Not only does that mean I can make better photos because I’m right in amongst the action, it also means I get to experience and feel all the emotions of the day, right there with everyone else. That’s why I shoot them. I get to laugh and cry and party with all my amazing couples. What’s not to love?!

And BOY did I have some amazing couples in 2019! Every single wedding was an absolute dream to be a part of and I’m so grateful to have been at them all. As I sat and put together this ‘Best Wedding Photography’ collection, I couldn’t help but smile at the memories of all the brilliant, laugh-out-loud moments I got to see in 2019. So, to all my 2019 couples, your families and friends and everyone else you had at your weddings, sincerely, thank you so much! I get to live my dream because of you!

My Couples Are Awesome!

2019 was also another awesome year of Joint Package weddings with my partner-in-crime! Jess and I love being able to work together and create something really cool with our couples. If you want to learn a bit more about the joint package we offer together, you should go check that out. It really is something truly unique.

Okay, that’s more than enough from me. Wanna see some photos now? Good! On a serious note, massive, huge, giant thanks to all my 2019 couples. You were all rock stars in my eyes and it was brilliant fun spending your day with you! To all you 2020’ers, oh man we’re going to have some fun!! If you’re planning your wedding and you want to have a chat about having me along for the ride, get in touch and let’s get the ball rolling. If you want to see more of my work, head over to the blog to see some more Uber-cool weddings.

2019: completed it mate! Cheers all, over and out…

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