Belmond Hotel Caruso Wedding


Belmond Hotel Caruso
Ravello, Amalfi Coast

"We are so grateful you guys were able to be a part of our wedding. Please come and visit us in the U.S soon! The photos are amazing. You guys CRUSHED it!"

Oh holy beautiful Belmont Caruso Wedding! This must be one of the most stunning wedding locations in the world, right? I’d been dreaming about shooting a Belmond Caruso wedding since I knew what a destination wedding was, so when Alisha & Katrina got in touch and said those magic words, I was all-in!

Now, I know I’m banging on about the beauty of the Belmond Hotel Caruso, but the truth is this; it’s nothing without the right people! And Alisha & Katrina were the perfect people for this adventure. Beautiful, fun and generally awesome inside and out, super-relaxed and itching to have a great time. Perfection!

Belmond Hotel Caruso

Alisha & Katrina’s wedding was always planned to be an intimate affair. Everyone travelled from the US via Paris and Portugal to be there with them and, while there were only 18 people for the day, I’m not sure I’ve had many dance floors with more energy than this one.

Shout out time: As with all destination wedding adventures, Jess and I did this one together. And we had a blast. Want to know more about what we offer together? Then check out Ceremony. Totally unique and totally awesome. We also got to to share this adventure with the amazing James from 2408films. I’ve shot a few with James & Naomi from 2408 now and they’re always brilliant fun and they shoot an incredible film. Finally, I have to give a huge shout out to the amazing Jo, Valeria and team at The Amalfi Experience, who made the day seamless and effortless. I cannot recommend everyone here enough.

Destination Wedding Photographer

So, if you’re planning a Belmond Caruso wedding and you’re looking for a destination wedding photographer, give me a shout and let’s chat. I can’t wait to go back to the Belmond Hotel Caruso for another adventure. Better yet, give Jess and I a shout via the link above, so we can both come and have some fun with you. Oh, and don’t forget Naomi and James too 🙂

Here they are folks. Two amazing people, one amazing adventure. Alisha & Katrina…

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