"Oh Matt! Even just your email had me crying before we even looked at the photos! You are just the best ever! We both sobbed the whole time going through the gallery first time around, and our faces hurt from smiling and laughing so much the second time. They're just so beautiful and more than we could ever have imagined! We cannot thank you enough! We just want to do it all again!! Honestly you're just the best!!"



Real, honest-to-God awesome moments of emotion and fun that you just can't stage

Documentary Wedding Photographer



"We wanted to say a humongous THANK YOU to you for absolutely everything! Thank you for being such a calming presence, such a natural photographer and such an awesome person. We had the best time with you and we couldn't have wished for a better photographer.We absolutely adore you and all our friends kept commenting on how wonderful you are! Merci Beaucoup!"


How's it going?

It’s great to meet you. So, who am? I’m a documentary wedding photographer, but first and foremost, I’m a Husband to my beautiful Wife Jess, a cat-Dad to our ball of fluff Fergus, a very average bike rider and cricketer and an above-average consumer of coffee! And cake! Always with the cake!


Coffee of choice? / / Cappucino baby! I LOVE Italy

You into sports? / / Yep! Love me some cycling. Don't get me started on the clothing, we'll be here all day. Played cricket to a reasonable standard in a past life as well.

Guilty pleasure? / / Listening to the music of Carly-Rae Jepsen. Yep! Okay, stop laughing at me and consider this: anyone who can get Tom Hanks to star in their music video is doing alright by me! Also, I can't stop watching (and singing along to) Moana!

What's on your Spotify right now? / / Oh man, such a mix. John Mayer, Sam Fender, The 1975 (A LOT), Joe Rogan's podcast, The War On Drugs, Bear's Den, the list goes on..

Fave films? / / ooosh, Top Gun (both of them), Ace Ventura (Jim Carrey is a genius), any Daniel Craig Bond film (hands down best Bond) or anything with Ryan Reynolds or Jake Gyllenhaal (man-crush!)

Worst kept secret? / / Ha! On the morning of our wedding, I crashed my car into my soon-to-be Uncle-in-Law's hire car (over from Australia for the wedding)! Not ideal, but it got me a laugh in my speech when I announced it to Jess!


Honestly, it’s a pretty simple one. I want you to have the best day imaginable! Yeah I know that’s a big call, but it’s true. You have spent all of this time, energy and effort (and money) planning this dreamy day with your nearest and dearest, so I want you to be able to live that day. My priority for you both is a simple one: I want you to have as much time as is humanly possible with everyone else you’ve asked to be there with you! Simple as that.

Listen, we’ve all been to those weddings as guests haven’t we! You know the one’s right? You watch the couple get married, throw some confetti over them as they walk out, and then stand around for ages with a drink and a canape or two, while they’re off shooting endless combinations of group photos and being schlepped around the venue for an hour on a photoshoot! Right?

Well, I don’t do that!

Those chunks of the day are nice and quick, so you can just spend your day hugging, kissing, laughing and crying with everyone who means the world to you. That makes for a better experience, and it sure as hell makes for better photos! Put another way, it’s not my right to dictate your experience of your own wedding day. I’m there to help, guide, reassure and to just get stuck in and capture all those blissfully raw and emotional moments.

I make sure l’m a really fun and positive element to your day. Emotion is the thing that makes epic photos. That’s what I use to tell the story of your day. That’s my currency. You’ll have gathered already that I’m not much of a traditionalist when it comes to shooting a wedding. I make my photos from right in the mix with you, because then, whoever is viewing the photos after the event, whether they were there or not, will be able to look at them and feel like they were right there with you, in that moment, feeling everything you were.




"Honestly Matt, choosing you to document our day was hands down the best decision we made. Your energy was everything we didn't know we needed! You absolutely made our day. You're an amazing guy and were so much more than our photographer. In taking photos, you were barely noticeable. In making sure the day went smoothly, you were integral. Thank you!! xx"

I shoot a limited number of weddings every year, so I can give everything I’ve got to each of my couples. Choosing the right person to spend the day with you and tell your story is a really big deal and a very personal choice, so I want to make this as easy as possible for you.

One thing I’ve always hated is feeling like I’m being sold to. Know what I mean? So, in the interest of keeping things simple (for you and me), I offer one package that includes everything that’s important. No hidden extras, no time limits, no sales pitch, just fun, emotional storytelling.


everything that happens throughout the day adds to the story, and your day is about much more than exchanging rings and cutting your cake. There are no time limits with me. I'm there until the job is done!


some of the best highlights of your day for you to share with your nearest and dearest.


450+ edited images of your day, with full licence to print and share, personally processed by me (no outsourcing going on here) and presented in your own secure online gallery.


a small batch of photos within 72hrs of your wedding to help keep the excitement going.


as many Zoom/FaceTime calls or coffee dates we need for you to feel happy and confident that I'm the right dude for the job. Like I said, it's about choosing the right person.


any travel within England & Wales is included. For Scotland, add £300. If you're getting married further afield, give me a shout and we'll work something out.




// £600 // Feeling super-worried about being in front of the camera on your wedding day? Well, fear not. This will get you a 2hr shoot at a location or locations of your choosing so we can go have some fun and you can get all the 'awkward' out of your system.


// £1000 // If you just can't wait to see your full gallery, you can bolt this on and you'll have your full set within a week of your wedding.


// from £500 // Fully bespoke wedding album filled with your favourite memories from your epic day. You choose all the photos, and I'll liaise with you on colour palette and layout. A beautiful keepsake of your day.


// £1000 // Getting ready a way apart and want both prep's covered? Planning on having a big old group to celebrate with you? I can bring one of my great mates with me to make sure everything gets captured.


// £250 // Like I said, I don't put time limits on what I do, but if you know your dance floor is going to be an absolute banger, you can bolt this on and I'll be the last man standing! Guaranteed to be there til the bitter end.


If you’re planning a super-exciting adventure to shores outside of the UK, then you can absolutely count me in! I LOVE travelling.

You can get in touch for a bespoke quote, and I’ll put something together for you. However, the truth is this; you don’t just want me there. You want Jess there as well. You want THIS.



"MATT! We LOVE the photos! We just haven't stopped looking at them. We are absolutely obsessed and the feedback from everyone who has seen them has been incredible. Everyone keeps telling us how talented you are! They are all amazing and tell such a great story of the day. Thank you so much!"


So, if this all sounds good and you’re keen on the idea of having me along to spend the day with you, let me know and we’ll get a video chat in the diary. I’d love to get to know you both and hear more about your plans! Your wedding will be an amazing occasion and I’d love to be there to share it with you.

You’ll be pleased to know the booking process is also really simple. If you want to crack on and get your date secured, I’ll send you a link to my online booking form/contract and an invoice for your £500 retainer. Once they’re both done and back with me, I’m all yours!

I shoot a limited number of weddings every year and I do get booked up pretty quickly, so if you’re getting good vibes, let’s crack on and get you in my diary.

I can’t wait to hear back from you. Thanks again for getting in touch, it really means a lot to me that you’re considering me as your photographer.

Chat soon!

Matt x



(+44) 7817 320381